This Time For Good

by Hitch & Go

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We’re Not the Kids You Used to Know Is everybody listening ? Say goodbye to the city lights We’ll tear this city down burn it to the ground (This time for good) If this scene is so jaded I rather be underrated we’ve been high, been low never been so broke (we are the people your parents warned you about) Chorus: We’re not the kids you used to know we’re moving on (oh oh) we’re moving on (oh oh) It’s not as simple as we thought it would we’re moving on (oh oh) we’re moving on (oh oh) We’re not sorry for the path we chosed We’re going in the right direction It’s been a long time coming, a long time coming This is our resurrection Everything is so different we’ve never been more relevant Play loud, Sick shows Are everything we know (The worst part is we’re only getting started) You might expect the best or the worst from this We don’t give a shit, at least show us some respect Or get the fuck over it Just get the fuck out
The Good Life We won't head home we’ll party while they’re gone If you don't like the way we're making it , I guess you just ain't made for this Don’t give a fuck and let them walk away Another cliché song about getting wasted Your straight edge friends would never understand Cause i know we’ll find a way to get through another day yeah i know They say life is going faster But it keeps on getting better Party till we can’t Seeing double, unclear faces Losing control, neighbor's callin' And hope it never ends this is meant to last so forget what they say Just keep in mind we ain’t that different enjoy the good times while you can can you get out of this harsh reality? Just make the call, we are always down we’ll mess around, and take the stress away Bring your friends and family Nothing can gets in the way we’re gonna break the clock So we never stop living’ the good life
Burn Bright 03:53
Burn Bright There’s a place where you should go to Ocean breeze and sunset skies A Place to ride your board, no lies nor stress to break your goddamn mind I don’t know where you have been before All I do is meant to move A mountain or the moon I don’t know what you have seen before All I do is to improve this life we’re not born to lose Bring your smile, burning brighter Make the most of this or nothing Will ever come or turn to something Dreaming wider, acting wilder Make your storyline and summer Feel so real it burns like fire. Bonfire lights and shooting stars As good a scene as it could be It’s a mean life, build your dream life Make it your reality Let’s head to California Let’s head to California Let’s go to California We’re going to CALIFORNIA
The Art Of Sinking Say anything about me if it makes you feel alright It's your side of the story that turned into a bull fight the words that you speak are useless to me You’re like a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea How, can, you look at yourself or anyone else Don’t waste my time CHORUS: I heard it all before the mess you’re asking for So stop pretending, i’m not listening I’ve settle down the score Don’t tell me you feel sorry I know it’s just a lie And tryin’ to keep it funny Won’t cast the truth aside
Glory Days 03:55
Glory Days We’ve made it through the years It’s a long run then from here The efforts made, now they finally pay Our goals are close they're just miles away Let’s rise and shine One step at the time We had a chance we couldn't let go It’s time for us to hit the road Couldn't wish for a better ending whatever comes we'll keep on standing let’s keep that fire burning fire burning.. Chorus: The glory days are coming our way so fuck what they say We're all over this a chance we won't miss we'll finally made it We could have quit a thousand times We keep on movin' The glory days are coming our way so fuck what they say This time for real Make sure that they hear Much more to give and much more to live Keep our hopes high, never say goodbye For one last time we're walking on the line Take a deep breath, better days await Make this life straight, never let it fade We put our guts on the line each day ‘til the first day No one showed us the way Carve our names in stone, remember the place and the moment We’re going all in
Crossroads 04:00
Crossroads Stay away once and for all You were here by my side for all the wrong reasons You won’t be missed at all I’m taking chances, won’t wait another round And I guess I changed But you stayed the same I won’t waste my time With you around Dont apologize There’s no turning back for you and I Here we go I bet you didn’t see it coming All I know I won’t be there no more I waited too long Now let me go, just let me go I finally found a place to call home And I feel just fine You won’t break me down, won’t break me down I guess we’re over and done You’re just a face lost in the past You weren’t meant for this place I’m in a better world, moving fast, I take the chase, Your just a step behind the last We took a chance and failed so fast I’m moving on I wish you the best, but don’t ever forget from here and now our bridges burnt down And i’m quite alright No need to say goodbye No not this time
Home 03:08
Home Time stand still It makes me think of everything I have And everything i’ve lost One more night And after what, I’ll be gone for awhile I’m missing you so bad But I can’t fix anything right now chorus: One look at the past But i’m moving forward Somehow i’ll get back I’ll be there on my own If this is a test, i don’t know the answers we’re doing our best, and its all that matter I hope everything’s gonna be alright For when i come back home Time flies by It makes me think of everything I am And everything I’m not The glory days I’m not so sure they’re coming on our way But i’m going all in anyway


released May 24, 2017

Recorded by:
-Michael Fontaine & Pete Thebeast at FréquencesProductions.
-David Lizotte
-Soufiane Benrqiq
-Raphaël Malenfant

Mixed and mastered by
-Luc Tellier

Official Facebook page:

© Copyright Hitch & Go 2017


all rights reserved



Hitch & Go Quebec, Québec

Hitch & Go is an up and coming Party/Energic-Pop-Punk band from Quebec City, Canada. Wherever you may be from.
we want you to be a part of our dream, come party with us!

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